Choir Leader Training

Don’t be put off by the term ‘Leader’ – you don’t need experience!

Why this training?

Full permission to do what you love! At this training, you’ll unlock your potential. Whatever your skill level, confidence and singing background you will leave bursting with song.

We know that you want to make a difference to the lives of others and you know that singing is a route to meaningful, fun and creative work.

You’ll also be on retreat so no cooking, no chores and instead you’ll immerse in the wonderful experience of connecting with others in song. This element of the training is your nourishment, an echo of the whole point of the singing groups we create.

“You can expect to earn
between £55-£175 per
single choir session.”

Specialise in bringing singing to women and mothers. Women like you whose lives will be improved by singing. You already know them, they walk past you in the street, and they, like you, were born to sing.

For each Singing Mamas Choir you lead, you can expect to earn between £55-£175 per single choir session. And it’s possible to have between one and six choirs running per week. Sessions only run during term time, which is around 39 weeks a year.

Who is this for?

We’re after good people, with a love of community and inclusiveness. We need women with compassion for others and a desire to connect and bring people together. And most importantly we’re after individuals who love to sing and who’ll help us realise our vision of bringing the joy of singing to women everywhere.

Our leaders range from total beginner to musical genius! Like our choirs, we celebrate our diversity and we are inclusive. We gently hold the moment and let the singing make the magic. If you have the desire…then you can do it. It’s a simple YES!

5 things you get at this training

  • 25+ songs to start teaching young mothers, retired women, ante-natal groups, charity work, mental health or performance.
  • Individual teaching practice experience.
  • Comprehensive business start-up and choir training manual.
  • All meals and accommodation. For three days you’ll be on retreat, immersed in the experience of women supporting and building confidence together.
  • Access to leaders and/or post-graduate discussion group.

Discover how training with us will change lives, starting with your own

“A heart and soul experience through singing and sharing. Kate is straight, trustable and passionate about transmitting. Her training is a blessing.”


Upcoming training dates / 2020

●  FEBRUARY 14th-16th  /  Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon, UK

●  JUNE 19th-21st  /  Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon, UK

●  OCTOBER 9th-11th  /  Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon, UK


£475 — The retreat training weekend includes accommodation, all meals, training sessions, and training materials.

£375* — Book 30 days in advance and take advantage of the *early bird discount.

About Kate Valentine

Kate has grown and developed the Singing Mamas Choir movement over 10 years, reaching thousands of women with her work. Kate’s gift is in bringing people together, creating groups and building radical systems to support and lead leaders.

Kate will notice the unique gifts, often hidden in each woman, and gently tease them out, allowing her to feel her worth, find her voice and take her place as a song sharer.
When Kate discovered singing, her life changed. Now she shares her mission with you. Bring singing into the hearts and homes of all women. Join her.

“It was beautiful. Kate is a wise and compassionate teacher and brought out the best in everyone there. All our lovely connections and sharing were made possible by the environment she created.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Singing Mamas Choir only for mums?

No! We welcome all women, any age and any life phase. When a new group starts, it’s usually mainly attracted to women with young babies, but not always. After a while with the group established, women will start coming without children which will then attract other women, often older women with grown-up children, flown the nest, and also women who aren’t mothers but want to be around women and children. Our leaders decide what kind of group they wish to promote, that may even be an adult-only session, and that’s fine too.

I like singing but I’m not sure if I’m good enough to lead others.

Come. You’ll be in the company of other women, also nervous, also uncertain. You are welcome and you’ll be a valued participant. The training is held in a way that promotes absolute inclusivity for women who have NO experience of this work. You won’t be exposed, ever. You will be guided until you are comfortable and ready to have a go. You will be encouraged and supported to dare yourself.

At the very least, you will leave nourished, with new skills and ready to explore the possibility of sharing what you’ve learned with other women. With terror and nerves around singing, you will be representative of many, many women. Out from your desire to sing with others, step forward from this place and you will inspire so many others to do the same as you.

I'm already a musician and/or choir leader. Will I learn anything new? Will I be overqualified for this training?

You will definitely gain valuable experience in the training. Not only will you learn a ton of new songs for your choir, but you’ll also be inspired by a whole host of new teaching styles and techniques to integrate with your own style. You’ll immerse in the experience of women’s circle, which is more than just a choir.
We facilitate space, crafted with care to promote inclusivity and non-judgment. You’ll learn what makes a Singing Mamas Choir session unique and you’ll become part of our network of leaders who will be your colleagues, ongoing into the future.

Singing Mamas is fast becoming a movement in its own right. Through our community choirs, we are dismantling the notion of wrong-notes and right-notes. As an experienced choir leader, this might be a different emphasis for you and we will show you the how and the why to bring this to your circles of women singers. We will also greatly value your skills and experience being shared with the other women trainees. You are so welcome.

I already run a mum’s choir, what's in it for me?

Excellent question! Well, we’re hoping that somewhere along the way you have heard about our work with NHS prescribers? We are starting to provide therapeutic choirs to women in need, referred to our Singing Mamas Choir-Community Interest Company. This is an ongoing project for our network and alongside our pilot studies, we are gathering a large group of choir leaders to deliver this work. We would love to bring you in under our umbrella of SMC to join us on this project.

The key to the success of socially-prescribed Singing Mamas groups is the standardisation of our therapeutic session. Our therapeutic choirs are expertly designed and delivered by our most experienced leaders. We would love to welcome you into this work to enable us to reach even more women with singing. This community outreach work is at the heart of our mission.

Will I be given any teaching resources?

You’ll learn dozens of new songs during the training itself. The songs that our leaders share in their choir sessions are varied and they tend to be songs that reflect the collective experience of what it is to be a woman and mother.
We encourage our leaders to sing what they love and if pop is your flavour, you’ll find plenty of short versions of well-known pop songs to teach, by ear, specially created to be a simple harmony song.

Many of our leaders have gone on to write material that they have shared within the network. Our members especially love to sing these songs. We supply a huge resource list of songs, the problem won’t be that you don’t have enough, it’ll be that you have too many to choose from!

Can I call myself a 'choir leader' after a 3-day training?

Yes! We have learned, through giving training to over 70 women, that we are all entitled to be song sharers if we have a song that we wish to share… that’s where we start. You will leave the training with a pocket full of songs, a network of colleagues for support. You’ll be ready to gather your group together and start. You will surprise yourself, for sure.

Will I feel pressure to start my own Singing Mamas Choir?

This training is perfect for you as a facilitator of groups. Singing belongs everywhere. It’s a valuable activity for connection and songs can do a lot of work for you in group work. You will be under no obligation to start a singing group, although you might leave the training feeling really inspired to start a choir even if you hadn’t planned to!

Are there any other costs after the training?

Yes, we run a membership programme for any women who have taken our training. The membership costs between £6 – £19 per month. Ranging from our singing mama ambassador’s membership to the full choir leader membership.

When you have decided to start a choir you will pay a one-off fee of £90 (per choir) to set you up on the SMC system with a webpage of your own, online booking system and all the marketing materials you need to get started. All the information you need to get you started is covered in the training manual and in the online support forum. You won’t be on your own with your set up process.

Sing and bring singing to others. Join us as a choir leader!