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The Songline Health Choirs

We believe in the power of singing to improve our physical, mental and emotional health.

What is a Songline Health Choir?

Our sessions allow individuals to experience the joy of singing in a safe and supportive environment, guided by a fully trained choir leader from the Songline Network.
Our choirs provide the opportunity for individuals to form positive relationships with other members and enjoy time tailored to their needs. Our Songline Health Choirs can be delivered face to face and online.
Our Songline Health Choirs are a programme of complementary support, which runs alongside or follows a medical intervention for an individual’s health needs.

Who is this for?

Our Songline Health Choirs are for everyone – the programme is suitable for most health needs and settings, including but not limited to individuals with dementia; depression and low mood; lung conditions; cancer and mobility problems. For example, we are currently working with pregnant women and new mothers who are experiencing low mood and post-natal depression in East Sussex, as well as a group of individuals who have Facial Palsy.
We welcome professionals to come and experience our choirs with their patients.

Are you a professional offering social prescribing for creative activities?

We understand that Social Prescribing is a means of enabling GPs and other frontline healthcare professionals to refer patients to a link worker – the link worker then supports the patient to access personalised solutions to their care, such as our Songline Health Choirs.
Our Songline Health Choir programme has been designed in partnership with professionals and by our Founder and Director of ten years, Kate Valentine, a former Nurse.

Songline Health Choirs work in partnership with professionals to provide positive patient outcomes

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The National Lottery Community Fund

“Post-natal depression is estimated to affect one in eight new mothers…researchers found that women who took part in group singing sessions with their babies experienced a much faster improvement in their symptoms than those who did not” – BBC 2018
We are working with The National Lottery Community Fund to support rurally isolated, pregnant women and new mothers in East Sussex who are at risk of or experiencing post-natal depression and in partnership with professionals.

About Singing Mamas Choir

Singing Mamas Choir is the parent company of the Songline Health Choirs. We are a growing network of Song Sharers who bring people together in community and song to experience the freedom, energy and pure magic of harmony singing in our natural voice. We take great pleasure in creating a welcoming space where people can be themselves, form friendships and feel supported.

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Please leave your details and select from the list below. You will also receive a free gift!

Stay up-to-date with us

Please leave your details and select your interest from the list below. You will also receive a free gift!