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At a Singing Mamas class you will meet new friends, learn how to sing and enjoy a dose of precious ‘me time’!

Recharge, nourish, connect

We all have a voice and Singing Mamas invites you to use your voice with us, to make gorgeous music together and to feel great.

Maybe you love singing to your favourite tunes at home?
Perhaps you used to sing in a choir? Or you just want to enjoy the experience of singing with others and improve your singing ability…

Singing Mamas invites you to join us each week for 90 minutes of precious ‘me-time’. Whether you’ve never sung before or are a seasoned pro, you’ll be made very welcome. There’s no ‘spotlight’, no audition, just an opportunity to forget the stresses of life, to sing for yourself, for each other and just ‘be’.

Bring your baby, toddler, home schooler or come on your own – whatever works for you. It’s fun, it’s uplifting and after the singing you get to enjoy tea and cake!

No Singing Mamas Choir in your area?

Perhaps you’d like to get a group together and set one up? We can support you in this. It can be done so simply, just by getting a few friends together in your home. The bonus being that you’ll make some money and you’ll be inspiring and bringing joy to a wonderful group of women!

Benefits of Singing Mamas Choir


● Reduces stress levels throughout the week.
● Acts as a natural anti-depressant.


● Relieves pain and tension in the body.
● Improves breath and makes you feel fitter.


● Instantly uplifts mood and makes you feel GOOD!
● Makes you feel happy!


● Promotes learning in children.
● Fosters a love of music in the family.


● Improves memory.
● Clears mind-fog.


● Boosts confidence.
● Empowers women.


● Builds close friendships.


● Boosts immune system.

Typical Class Structure

Singing Mamas Choir is all about escaping from your daily stresses and feeling connected, so your session will always begin with a short meditation. Don’t be put off by the word! The ‘meditation’ is just a few moments of stillness, changing the mood from ‘busy’ to ‘calm’.

To prepare for singing we warm up our voices with some vocal exercises, to relax the body and stretch the vocal chords.

And then we sing! Your choir leader will teach different parts by ear (no word or music sheets are needed) and you choose the one you like or feels most comfortable for your voice.

And the magic begins as we put the parts together. You’ll be amazed at the power and sheer beauty of hearing your individual parts sung together in harmony.

After the singing comes the all important tea and cake! Whether you attend or lead a class, the experience is very special, leaving you uplifted and feeling amazing!

General class info

Be sure to arrive in good time for the start and where possible let your choir leader know if you may be late or absent.
Do check the booking details carefully to ensure you are aware of parking and venue access information.
Some women will bring children with them and some won’t. This is a class for both women and children and as a group we respect the needs of each person.
Feeding your child snacks and drinks throughout the session is absolutely fine if needed.
We will spend time both sitting and standing.
Gentle toys are provided, it is also recommended to bring a baby blanket in case the need to snuggle arises mid-song.
Don’t forget to tell your choir leader about your dietery needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a singing mamas experience?

Once you have booked your place in a singing mamas group, your choir leader will have all your details from your booking form and will be ready to welcome you personally to the group.
On arrival you will find a circle of chairs and rugs on the floor in the middle with some soft toys for any young ones.
There is the usual chatting hellos before your choir leader will invite a moment of hush and lead the group into a short, guided visualisation.

What if the little ones disturb this part with noise?

The little ones usually still themselves in response to the quietening, however any noises from them are absolutely fine! This exercise is a way to shake off any stresses from the morning, the busy week or the mood left over from sleepless nights. It deliberately marks the beginning of a new activity.

Now to get your voice and body prepared for singing!

After this comes the vocal and body warm up exercises which work to relax muscles, notice any tension and aches and pains in the body and start to shift mood. We do this before singing to help loosen up, unwind and to enter a more playful energy. GREAT ALSO if you are especially shy. If the thought of this is scary to you, don’t worry at all! So many women have bravely stepped through the door for the first time to find that there was nothing to be afraid of and they have left feeling fantastic, even triumphant for daring to play.

How many songs will I learn?

In each Singing Mamas session you can expect to learn between 3-5 new songs as well as perfecting songs from previous weeks and singing some old favourites just for the fun of it.
All songs are taught by ear which means without written word or song sheets.

What are harmony songs?

These are songs which have layers to them. For example, women with lower voices will sing one tune, the middle range voices will sing another (sometimes also with different words and rhythms) And the higher voices will sing another…but all at the same time and all skilfully woven together by your choir leader to make a beautiful sound.

But I’ve never sung in harmony before and I’m not a strong singer!

Well then you are in for a treat! The parts are sung in groups so you don’t need to worry about not being an experienced singer (yet. I say that because soon you WILL be able to call your self an experienced singer!) In your parts you will be supported by the other singers until your part has sunk in and you can sing it out in confidence.

I don’t know if I’m high, low or middle range?

Your own unique voice is something that you will discover very quickly, including where in the range of voices you find most comfortable and enjoyable to sing.

My child will never allow me to do this for myself if it’s not focussed on him!

Mothers are usually so much ‘in service’ to their children. and most activities address the needs of either the parent OR the child. Singing Mamas is unique in it’s way that it benefits both the children and the women in different ways.
Although not all women who come are mothers, and not all mothers choose to bring their child with them, those that do bring them are amazed how the children delight in their experience of the women around them relaxed, uplifted, energised and feeling great. Of course the harmony sound that is created has an amazing impact on the children and many benefits for health and wellbeing of the mother and young ones.
It might be a new experience for your child to watch you being a human in your own right-being entirely present to your needs and meeting them. The message that this sends to children is invaluable. I’ve watched as children look up in awe and wonder at their mother, beautifully relaxed, light in mood and singing their hearts out. They give their full permission for you to do something for yourself and they seem to know that it’s good for them too! For your child it is an unforgettable experience.

How will I get to know new friends if we are singing the whole time?

With Tea and cake! This is the perfect time for socialising and building friendships. After th connecting activity of singing there is naturally lots in common to talk about. The young ones, having been settled by the singing will become more playful and active.

The Benefits of Singing

We all have vast creative potential. We all have a voice and can sing and usually the one thing which prevents us, stops us or terrifies us most is simply the idea that ‘I CAN’T SING’.
At Singing Mamas everyone’s voice is welcome, each voice is valued. When we sing together as a choir the group sound we create is relaxing, uplifting, energising and deeply nourishing.

Physical benefits
The regular practice of controlled breathing can have similar benefits to practicing yoga. It is an exercise that improves lung capacity making you feel fitter! Studies show that singing improves the overall health of the immune system. and can aid recovery from illness.

Mental Health
Singing regularly acts as a natural anti-depressant and instantly improves mood.
Studies also show that singing in a group makes us use different parts of our brain at once which has many cognitive benefits -making us smarter!

Singing can help you become clearer in mind, lifting the fog of life chaos and boosting confidence. When a choir of singers is formed there is a unity, a coming together of positive attitudes giving each person a feeling of being spiritual uplifted!
In essence, singing makes you feel happy!

Benefits for Children
Exposing children regularly to a wide veriety of songs will foster a love of music and awaken their own musical potential and will give them a head start in their own future learning of music.
After a Singing Mamas choir it’s often said that the little ones spend the afternoon singing to themselves!
One of the gemstones of Singing Mamas Choir is that young ones are given a positive image of women and mothers, nourishing themselves in a positive way, meeting their needs and radiantly glowing from the inside out.

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